Yu: A Ross Lamos Mystery

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Forbidden love, the Imperial Court of the Han Dynasty, jades worth millions on the black market.

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Yu, the Stone of Heaven, jade art born from the genius of ancient China. When he holds the jades, the yu will reveal an extraordinary history. Lamos will risk everything to protect the jades, and finally remember his role in a love story that changed the course of a Dynasty.

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Established seller since Seller Inventory LQ Shipped from UK. Paperback or Softback. Yu; A Ross Lamos Mystery. Seller Inventory BBS Book Description Pen and Publish Inc. Ross Lamos has built his career dealing Asian art and antiquities by keeping his very useful psychic touch a deep secret. He wakes up back in his gallery knowing that if his Buddhist faith is correct about reincarnation, he is a suspect in a 2,year-old-murder … and the woman who brought him the jades, Valerie L, was there. To make things worse, the three fabulously valuable jades have no provenance documents to prove they legally exist — and dealers in the antiquities black market are in pursuit.

Laughter's jade stories burst at the seams with elegant, concise, and yet restrained prose that pierces the true nature of each character.


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She evokes sympathy for a villain with a single, well-crafted line: "He carries so many more secrets than I. We both need so much comfort. Even the act of eating in public becomes an intimate, sensual act filled with tension and danger, more highly charged--and more thrilling to the reader--than the most explicit passages of a romance novel.

The simplicity of the jade stories resonates in bold contrast to her full-bodied descriptions of our contemporary world, details that pull you into a deeper understanding of what it is like to experience the Touch. The jade stories quilt together layers of tension, culminating in a crescendo that, unfortunately, the real-time story can't quite match.

The jade stories so overpower the actual mystery that one is left wanting more than the climax can deliver. Cheers to Joy Shane Laughter for this haunting, beautifully researched Buddhist detective novel. I cannot wait to read the next book in the Ross Lamos series. Mar 17, Alan rated it it was amazing. Ross Lamos has built a successful career in dealing with Asian art and antiquities. He sees visions of what the stones have witnessed. The story begins when a mysterious woman enters the antique shop where Lamos works, asking him to appraise three carved jade stones.

The stones are all from the same period, Han Dynast Ross Lamos has built a successful career in dealing with Asian art and antiquities. The stones are all from the same period, Han Dynasty, and worth millions on the black market.

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Lamos has never worked with such exquisitely crafted carvings before. They are the work of a master craftsman.

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Within this unfolding tale, Lamos comes to realize that both he and this mysterious woman, in their former lives, played a part in this unfolding drama. But which former life did Lamos play? He will do anything to find out. I truly loved every scene, every page, every character. Each character is richly drawn and complex, as are the relationships between the characters, both in contemporary times and ancient past. The author delicately weaves the past and present stories together, enticing the reader into this mystery, giving only glimpses of the whole, until it all comes together in a shocking and unpredictable ending.

It left me stunned. Joy Shayne Laughter has, with this one novel, risen to the top of my favorite authors list. Her delectable prose carries the reader along in an enchanting dream. She has demonstrated the power to captivate me with wonderfully unique characters, effortlessly drawing me into their drama, and then crushing my senses with an overwhelming love story. For anyone who relishes romance novels or mysteries, this is a must read.

May 08, DeAnna Knippling rated it really liked it. This is not your typical mystery; it doesn't have a typical mystery structure.

Yu; A Ross Lamos Mystery

It's more of a past-meets-present kind of novel in which the main character must use special powers to investigate historical artifacts and dig out a hidden truth. More like Possession by A. Byatt than Agatha Christie. Apprentice antiquties dealer Ross Lamos has the touch - he can pick up the stories of any object he handles, if it has a story to tell.

YU; A Ross Lamos Mystery

Three ancient Chinese jades come to him through a mysterious woma This is not your typical mystery; it doesn't have a typical mystery structure. Three ancient Chinese jades come to him through a mysterious woman who seems to know his secret: the touch of the first nearly knocks him unconscious with the flood of memories from Han-era China - of murder.

You could just as easily say that the mystery here is in identity - due to reincarnation, the players in the past histories have gathered again, and it's Ross's job to name them all, and to give them the information they need to move on through their lives.

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It's a pretty cool premise, and it's pulled off pretty well. The past stories are more interesting than the present ones - but I think that's pretty much to be expected in this kind of thing; writers of historical fiction seem to think history's more interesting. But the story in the present isn't flat or dull by any means. Aug 31, Mary Pat rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: mystery fans.

Yu is a fabulous mixture of current mystery with a bit of a noir edge , historical mystery about ancient jades , and past lives weaving current and past characters together. The writing is superb.