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She saw in the moonlight that Mr. Royal had a lovely view of a large groomed lawn, more like a small park, really, lined with plants, still bursting with blooms at the very end of summer. The maple and oak woods behind the lawn stretched a good quarter of a mile and were part of Van Wie Park.

Since she didn't see a single soul out there, she didn't close the draperies. She stepped to the computer that sat on the big desk. She turned the computer on. Of course it was pass-coded, but she was prepared for that.

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Her list had failed her only once, but that was years ago, and she started in on it now. Number 3 on her list -- his third wife's birthday, that was the one she was betting on, but it was Number 4 -- the family dog Adler, named after Schiffer Hartwin's director, Adler Dieffendorf. She was fairly certain Caskie Royal's boss wasn't aware of this honor -- that his namesake was a happy brainless Dalmation she'd seen belly up, legs waving, on Jane Ann Royal's web site.

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Maybe it meant Mr. Royal had something of a sense of humor, since Herr Doctor Adler Dieffendorf's photo in Schiffer Hartwin's glossy annual report showed an older man with a lovely head of white hair, a patrician's thin nose, and intelligent gray eyes. She began searching his files. She felt queasy and ignored it. Get it done, get it done. If you're caught and go to trial, maybe the jury won't convict you given what these greedy yahoos are doing unless you get a crappy lawyer -- Ah, there it was, no doubt at all in her mind -- a file titled Project A.

She began reading what were obviously Caskie Royal's notes on what Schiffer Hartwin was doing with the drug Culovort.

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He'd detailed his instructions complete with a To Do List, all neatly bulleted, beginning with the near shutdown of Culovort production at the U. Schiffer Hartwin manufacturing laboratory in Bartonville, Missouri. Next came instructions to their distribution plant, Rexol, also in Bartonville. She was so deep into disbelief at what she was reading, it took her a moment before her brain processed the sound of a car driving around to the back of the building, right beneath the big window of the CEO's office.

She dashed to the window and looked down to see a big silver Lexus -- it was Caskie Royal's car. Doesn't matter, he's here.

If he caught her, she'd soon be wearing a neon yellow jump suit, PI license or not. She plugged in a flashdrive, and ran into another password, this one corporate. He's here, he's here. She pressed Print File and watched as page after page flowed out of the high-speed printer. She hadn't checked the file size. What of there were a zillion pages? What if she needed to have didn't print out in time -- no, she had some time, it would be all right. Even Mr.

Royal had to stop by the guard downstairs in the lobby and sign in before coming up. The printer stopped. Thank goodness there were only nineteen pages in all. She quickly slid the pages inside her black jacket, zipped it up tight, turned off the printer, and closed down the computer. She straightened the chair, checked to see it all looked the way it had when she'd come in, and hurried to the office door to listen. She heard voices at the end of the long corridor. Royal and a woman coming her way.


Whiplash (An FBI Thriller)

It was time for Plan B. Always have a Plan B, her father had drummed into her head, and she had one. It sounded like they were arguing. She pressed her ear to the door, heard the woman say clearly, "I still can't believe you've made me a part of this, Caskie. What do we need it for? They're looking at a windfall profit of about, conservatively, one and a half billion dollars. They've already wracked up nearly a billion in sales in the last six months. And it's a freebee, manna from heaven. And don't fret. There's no danger here, nothing bad can happen.

His voice was impatient. What is it? Fifteen bucks a chemo session? Fifteen bucks? Get real. Her 17th FBI thriller is Bombshell. Coulter is now A heartwarming memoir of motherhood and adoption told through an African American lens. Reader Reviews. It's also compulsively readable. Illuminating and deeply human, Today We Go Home shines a light on the brave military women of the past and present. With wit and charm, amateur detective Veronica Speedwell, triumphs over adversity and danger in Victorian England.

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