The First Class Formula: All the secrets you should know to succeed at university!

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And from now till next week, and only focus on that.

2. Dare to Rebuild Your Team

Again, focus on that. The mindset was you can do it, you're going to go out there and do it. And now a lot of those people are going on to either do more retail arbitrage or build a private label business. Like if we don't get started in this game, we'll never going to go anywhere. If you do something, something is going to happen whether it's a positive thing or a negative thing.

But, however you look at that, it's going to be a learning experience. I launched a product, I followed everything but I kind of messed up on the product stuff. I got a little too excited, I jumped into the game, and my first product flopped but I still liquidated it.

I got out from under it but I kind of feel like it wasn't it wasn't even a single.

It just did okay. I'm going to go and move on to the next thing. Find another product, do better product research, pick a better market, whatever. That's pretty awesome. But, he didn't stop and he got results, and he learned from that first experience. He learned what not to do again. I don't know all that much about the tech side. That's why I always say start on one of those two platforms or even Etsy. I'm being kind of funny about it too because I don't think that… You know you hear these gurus out there.

Even people in our community.

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I'm not going to mention any names and you've probably heard them. And I actually met with some people in my audience, they are TASers and they asked me about these people. I'm not sitting here telling you that it's going to be easy, it's not going to come without struggles, it's not going to come without you being frustrated at times, right? It's going to happen. There's all those things that come into it. So what's the difference if it's for yourself or someone else?

You can do it too. You got to start with the first You got to start with the first 1, If you listen to my story back in episode , if you haven't, go back and listen to that episode theamazingseller.

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  • I learned email marketing way before I got into the Amazon game but I can take that knowledge and bring it over to this new business or if I start another business. If I went into the automotive business, the first thing I'd be doing is figuring out a way to build an email list around my potential clients or customers so they can see more of my business and what we represent in our customer service and all that stuff. You guys have heard me say this time and time again, right? So I've learned so much through the business going back to my father and my brick and mortar experience.

    And having that experience I learned about employees, I learned about what it takes to run a brick and mortar business. I learned all that stuff as a young guy. I was only like 19 years old when I was in that business but I learned a ton. And a lot of that stuff is already translated over to how I work with VAs now, virtual assistants, how I treat them. Because I know that they need to be treated with respect and they need to know that they're appreciated.

    Ferguson’s Formula

    So, again all of these lessons that we learn are moved over to that next thing. That's something that we're always going to be working on and you're always going to be going to be working on that. If there's one thing that I think you should always be working on, is mindset. How to get yourself in a state of confidence of when you know that you're going to go in there, you're going to give it all you've got but you're going to also give yourself a little bit of a safety net in a sense and I've talked about that too.

    I've always kind of set up these safety nets mentally so I know what's the worst case if this doesn't work for me, what am I going to do? So going back to my construction days when I left my construction company or my father's construction company, I was going into a completely different market. My wife and I were going to be photographers. A photographer? Scott's going to be a photographer?

    You don't have degrees. You don't have this schooling. I met a guy out in Seller Summit, a photographer. His name is Bob. Bob, if you're listening man, thank you so much. I listened to your podcast and I know that you are a fellow photographer so am I.

    3 Ways to Pass a Math Test - wikiHow

    They join it's like a national thing and all this stuff. Well, what it means is, we wanted to deliver a really nice picture that a family was going to treasure. They don't care that our settings were maybe, I don't know, too off for talking about F-stops or for talking about shutter speed. They don't care that we might have miscalculated a reading as long is the final image came out okay. But if we were to give that to a judge on a photography pro-panel, they would have ripped us apart.

    But to the everyday person, the person we're selling it to, it was okay. So, just understand that as you're going through this process, you don't have to be perfect. And I don't even know where I'm going with that. We're going to go ahead.

    Math, art, and ideas

    So I didn't have to go back and do the construction thing that I kind of laid in there as a safety net. Don't let me fool you, I was still scared to death but I was able to create that safety net that allowed me to take that chance. Because what was the worst thing that was going to happen?

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    • I was going have to go back out in the real world and work with my hands again doing construction. But guess what, I never went back and did that. Then, go to the next thing, my photography business. My wife and I, she was more the creative, I was more of the technical.

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      I learned through books. I didn't really learn through YouTube at the time because it wasn't really even happening yet with YouTube, that's how long ago. Still using millimeter film until we graduated to our first digital camera, which was a whole another experience, Photoshop, all that stuff. So I learned all that stuff and now I've got this knowledge, that I didn't even realize I was sitting on, that people were asking me for advice.

      How did you guys start? You are a husband and wife team. How did you do it? How do you work together? And then I started helping people and I built an email list around that market and then I started to sell products to those people that would help them in their journey. Wait a minute here, we've got our photography business that's a full-time gig, we're meeting with clients at times that we really necessarily don't want to because it's in the evenings because it's when the lighting is best and all the stuff.

      If you guys have listened to my story? You've already heard this. But it started to become a job where we're starting to lose the lifestyle business. We'll do some online and we'll do some offline and we'll see what happens. Now, we had to make another decision. Do we leave that? So, again, the mindset was, we've already got something here secure, we know what our income is going to be, we're doing a six figure a year business. We're going to go over here, we're going to risk this. What was my safety net? Mentally, I'm setting up that safety net.