One Recipe: Snow Cream

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This is such a fun way to brighten up winter. Genius recipe, I just love your easy-going and inspirational website! Awww… thanks for your sweet words.

Snow Ice Cream

I totally agree on actually liking winter now that I am a homesteader! I actually get to read books and sew in the winter! My grandmother use to make this for us every year…was always a special treat, she also some cinnamon in hers. She also said to never use the first snowfall of the season, not exactly sure why. Wow I have never heard of snow ice cream before.

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But I want to try it and we do have snow. Thanks for the recipe. We are surviving an Arctic blast and figured there was no better way to celebrate the cold and snow than to make ice cream!

We had so much fun! We finally had a chance to make it tonight and it was a huge […]. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sep Sep 9. Sep 1. Aug Aug 9. Aug 7. Aug 4. Aug 2. Aug 1. Snow cream has been around for a very long time. What a fun experience! Hope you have a wonderful week!

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How to Make Snow Ice Cream:

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Should you eat snow?

The density of sap, varies year to year, and week to week. This is done in small family operations, in sugar houses or sugar shacks and large factories like Maple Groves in St. Johnsbury, VT. Many farms allow visitors from roughly Mid Feb — nearly April.

Recipe: Easy, perfect snow cream ::

Dependent on the amount and quality of sap. Maple Groves had year round operations, factory tours, a tasting room, and store when I was young.

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You would need to call ahead and check these details and if there is a charge for tours. To make Sugar on snow, you need clean snow, not easy to find in many places. The essential ingredient is boiling, real maple syrup. Here it is boiled to hard crack stage, then poured on clean snow in thin ribbons. It is extremely sweet, and this method produces a hard candy for lollipops or break up into hard candy.

Too get toffee, as you mentioned, you would cook to the hard ball stage.


Then pour on clean snow. If there is a lot of air pollution where you live, you can use snow. Put the snow in a larger pan and add salt liberally. Place the prepared pan in the snow the salt makes the snow get colder before it melts. Then pour the hot syrup into the buttered dish or snow. One trick to be aware of with Maple Candy, make any candy including maple fudge, only on a good weather day.

The sun only helps you identify the right kind of day, it has no effect on the candy. But the deep blue cloudless sky and dry cold weather will.

How to Make Snow Cream

The High Pressure and Low Humidity bode well for candy making. Syrup can be made in any weather. Now I am allergic to dairy, so it will remain a fond memory. But I thought folks might want to try it so am leaving these notes. Wow MaryAnn — this is fascinating! Thanks for sharing your notes — I bet someone will want to give it a try. This super easy, 3-ingredient snow ice cream recipe is perfect this season for a yummy treat. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make ice cream out of snow?

Winter is the perfect time if you live in a snowy climate. Go ahead and collect some of that freshly fallen snow to make this super easy snow cream ice cream recipe! Perfect for any hot or cold day all year round. Add it to your winter bucket list and save it for the next snow day.

Snow is a great science supply that can be readily available during the winter season provided you live in the right climate. If you find yourself without snow science supplies, our winter science ideas feature plenty of snow-free science and STEM activities to try. These make great winter science activities for preschoolers through second grade!