Living to Tell the Tale

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Living to Tell the Tale -

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Living to Tell the Tale

Your feedback will be reviewed. We had a horrific journey , but we lived to tell the tale. Coping and not coping. Translations of live to tell the tale in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. The industrial development, the accumulation of resources, the technological foundations happen somewhere else - only the products arrive.

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I remember walking along a street in Lima a few years ago where the very poorest people in the city sat in the road with a blanket spread out in front of them selling plastic Donald Ducks and Mickey Mouse pencils. They had arrived in exactly the same way as false teeth came to Macondo. So isolation was one aspect of Macondo.


The other was violence. The odd thing is that Colombians themselves have begun to use the word Macondo to describe their own world.

The metaphorical place seems more real than the ungraspable reality of their own country. Here was a place whose history, whose very origins, seemed to be shaped by external forces that arrived in their world, yet were outside their control. First it was the Spanish colonists, then European capitalists, later the US oil and fruit corporations.

Today, Colombia lives with the unwanted gift of over 2 billion dollars worth of US 'aid' which is almost entirely directed towards the Colombian army and police. External forces and internal interests combine to continue the violence, with or without the capital letter.

Living to Tell the Tale

The state of emergency which suspends normal politics and legitimises all forms of military repression continues with no sign of an ending. In this frightening reality, trivial things become full of significance. For the first time we were measured, judged and labelled. After all, it was just a test.

A part of our education. But how did it come about that testing became such an integral part of education systems in the first place? And why are there such radically different approaches and attitudes to testing across the world? This talk tells the story of the test.