Five Steps to Financial Freedom: How to Become Master of Your Money Domain

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If so, you may have an online course inside of you that you can monetize. Join Jay as he discusses 8 reasons why this may be the business for you. All companies large or small need to learn how to create successful sales funnels to attract and drive prospective customers through their marketing campaign and transform the prospect into a customer.

Learn how Jay creates and sets up his most successful funnels. Chris Gardner was determined to work on Wall Street even though he did not have a college degree. Join us as Chris tells his amazing story of going from homeless and sleeping in the subway bathroom with his young son to become a multi-millionaire entrepreneur on Wall Street. When are you going to declare your independence and start to control your own destiny? What is it going to take for you to stop depending on someone else for your livelihood?

Join Jay as he shares three of the easiest ways to use eCommerce to gain your independence, A must listen! Have you ever seen people stocking bread and cookies in your local convenience store or super market? Well more than likely, they are independent business owners that own a route business selling those products to supermarkets and convenience stores.

Learn the upside potential of creating your own route business as Jay recounts from his experience having a Famous Amos cookie route and the potential to create distribution for your own product brand by creating and selling routes. Troy Carter was raised in the tough neighborhood of West Philly and lived his dream to become an entertainment mogul and an astute investor with only a GED.

Join us as Troy tells his amazing entrepreneurial journey and how he created Atom Factory. In order to live your dream, you have to take action. Join Jay as he shares his 12 Rules for Success in business and why they are so important. This is a must listen for entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs.

The Financial Freedom Project

Jay discusses the pros and cons of wholesaling and how you can profit from wholesaling also. Nicole Roberts Jones did not let her surroundings stop her from finding her purpose in life.

2. Never be an “early adopter”

Join us as Nicole takes us on her entrepreneurial journey from South Central Los Angeles to becoming a successful author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. This is a must listen. Visit : www. Johnson Marce; aka Triple Black. Jay shares his thoughts and experiences on entrepreneurship, Black economics and politics as Johnson digs deep and asks great thought provoking questions. Many times, we undervalue our own talents and skills to the point where we believe the only way we can make money is by getting a paycheck from somebody else. Join Jay as he discusses how to start picking up those dollars instead of dimes; by using the same talents that somebody else is paying you for and creating your own business.

Many of us continue to live a life where we are unhappy with our current situation because we have allowed other factors to dictate our lifestyle. Many times we fail to see the full opportunity in our physical products business because we do not look deep enough into the entire process from manufacturing your own products, to selling your products to the end user.

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Join Jay as he gives you several steps that will enlighten you and make you start to look deeper into your entire process. A must listen if you sell physical products. Are you interested in starting a product based business? Are you having trouble finding the right product to sell? If so, join Jay as he gives gives you his process for finding successful products to sell. A must listen if you are interested in selling physical products. Any successful entrepreneur knows that your road to success is not a smooth journey.

How would you like to leverage your job to help you start your own business. Join Jay as he gives you the keys to using your job to help build your own business. Join Jay as he breaks down how to test product ideas without losing your shirt and having products piled up in your garage. Learn exactly how Jay tests ideas and how he found a winner with one product, and how he avoided taking a loss with the other product. Join Jay as he is interviewed by Mr. Jarmar gets deep and asks many pertinent questions about money and entrepreneurship. Join Jay as he goes in depth with Dr.

Wilmer Leon about the effects that politics,media, and entrepreneurship play in the Black community. Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? Join Jay as he discusses 20 Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

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Bob also talks about his new digital venture the Urban Movie Channel. Learn how you can capitalize in the lucrative world of billboard advertising with as little as a phone, a fax, and email. Michael V.

Don’t Invest In Mutual Funds, And 11 Other Counterintuitive Tips From Billionaires

Roberts is the founder of the Roberts conglomerate and one of the few Black billionaires in the United States. Join us as Mr. Roberts gives us insight and tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. Byron Allen is a self-made mogul who wants to open the airwaves for more Black owned media companies. In this interview Byron discusses his lawsuit against Comcast and Al Sharpton and answers some difficult personal questions. Join us as Byron uncovers the pay-to-play media machine. Real Estate has been an integral part of wealth building for centuries.

Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Join Jay as he discusses 4 strategies for building wealth with real estate. Jay even discusses one strategy that does not require you to have cash or credit. Many small credit repair businesses gross over a million dollars per year with minimal overhead. Join Jay as he gives you some key components in starting a successful credit repair business.

7 Steps to Create A Freedom Lifestyle Business - Wake Up To Freedom

A new year, a new challenge. Join Jay as he outlines seven simple steps you can take to create a profitable and prosperous for your business and personal life. Jay discusses the profitability of promoting both on-site and virtual career fairs for big profit. Listen as Jay explains the numbers and the psychology of producing successful shows. Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead. Many people think that print advertising is dead, but just look at the free publication racks at your local convenience stores and super markets. Jay teaches you how to create your own local newspaper or magazine for crazy profit. Start your own media empire today. Are you living the life you are supposed to be living? Do you know what your purpose is?

Do you know why you were put here on this earth? Have you answered the call on your life?

How to earn six figures a year

Join Jay as he gives you 17 questions to help you find your calling and live the life you were designed for. In order to make a bigger economic impact in our community we need to start manufacturing our own products and controlling the entire vertical. Join Jay as he gives you 7 manufacturing businesses you can start without breaking the bank. Claud Anderson breaks down how the United States systematically engineered Black people to be the permanent underclass and what we must do to fight back. Many of us are living an empty life void of fulfillment simply because we have not chosen to become great.

Are you tired of just getting by? Do you want more for yourself and your family? Learn the steps to become great in your entrepreneurial journey and in life.