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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. August 17, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Higdon combines the skill of a reporter and a storyteller into one product to great effect. He masterfully navigates the waters of heavy law, minutiae-level facts that are necessary, and character studies. You're never bored because just as he's about to get bogged down in some dry detail, he sprinkles in "local color" or other historical background to keep you interested and teach you about the era and circumstances in which the crime was committed and in which the perpetrators lived.

By the time you're done with this book, you will have a great understanding of the crime of the century, the ensuing investigation, and even some of the motive. Higdon quite professionally goes out of his way to debate theories posited by characters on the scene at the time.

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He uses Fact B to refute a theory someone bases on Fact A with the skill of an investigative journalist. There is no author-infused sensationalism, but the case is sensational, and Higdon gives it its due.

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  8. No spoilers, but at one point he uses words that come directly from Leopold's and Loeb's mouths to cast doubt on a portion of their story in a way that no one seems to have done before. Basically, he spots a major hole and lays out why that hole is problematic and what it could mean. Finally, Leopold and Loeb are strangely elusive in the lore of U.

    There can be that feeling that there is more information about how they felt about things "out there somewhere. The irony of Higdon's book is that you get confirmation that you can likely stop looking for that magic block of text wherein "all is revealed" about Leopold and Loeb; their romance and relationship; and how they truly truly felt about what they did. The records seem scant.

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    There just doesn't seem to be that tell-all by a close confidant who gives up the goods. Higdon's book contains a wealth of chapter notes with sources. He dug deep. Yes, of course he will have omitted things others would like to hear about. But he tries very hard to give you that deeper material. You get the sense that he didn't omit anything we really came there to read, so, if it's not there, it's because it wasn't available. Yet, the chapter notes point you in the direction of other sources if you want to dig deeper. I'm not talking about lurid gossip.

    Just simple things like more insight into motive and the dynamics of Leopold and Loeb's relationship. You get the sense that people "just didn't ask" certain things, and we're left with missing information. Or journalists were always crowded out by each other, with none of them able to get Leopold or Loeb alone long enough for that more exclusive material.

    Nowadays, there would be "sit-downs" and tell-alls. That dynamic seems to not have been present back then. No sit-down with that one key person--a family member or friend--who would knock down those false barriers Leopold and Loeb erected with their immaturity, arrogance, snark, entitlement, and SILENCE. Higdon's in-depth approach almost proves it because he doesn't go places you feel he would if he just had the information!

    August 8, - Published on Amazon. The book entitled "Leopold and Loeb--The Crime of the Century" was written in and is considerably older than the first two which were written within the past two years. He has worked as a freelance writer since , and has written a variety of subjects including a children's book that was made into an animated feature. He grew up in Chicago , Illinois.


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    In , he participated in track at the University of Chicago's Laboratory School, placing fourth as a sophomore with a Due to switching schools, he did not run in his junior year, but he started again in his senior year and has been running ever since. While attending Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota , Higdon won the Midwest Conference titles in the mile, half-mile and cross-country. His best mile time post-college time was He participated in the US Olympic Trials in , running in the 10, meters race.

    Subsequently he entered the trials seven times over the years, with his best performance being fifth in the 3, meter steeplechase in In , Higdon's first marathon was the Boston Marathon , where he dropped out at 22 miles. Five years later, he led through 19 miles before being passed by Aurele Vandendriessche , who won the race.

    Higdon took fifth with a personal best of As of , he has completed marathons and has won four overall victories and numerous age-group firsts. In , Sports Illustrated published his article "On the Run from Dogs and People," which was expanded into a book in In , Higdon received a letter from a high school student in Overland Park , Kansas. Higdon offered an article that he had written for Sports Illustrated to be published as a reprint in the second issue of Distance Running News ; the publication that eventually became Runner's World magazine.

    Several articles written by Higdon were included in a commemorative book which was edited by Richard Benyo and was released in honor of the Boston Marathon. The book was reprinted in on the crime 's 75th anniversary.

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    It is a masterpiece of suspense. Higdon still holds the current M40 American record for the steeplechase , set in Higdon currently lives with his wife, Rose, in Long Beach, Indiana. Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video!