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This visualisation also illustrates the challenges of this method, because if one were to view the statistically dissimilar covers of a and b side-by-side, it would be immediately apparent that the pages are in fact quite similar to the naked eye. It would be possible to quantify the proportional distributions on the page without reference to the actual type sizes, thereby producing a metric that would show the two texts examined here as similar rather than dissimilar.

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This observations underlines the importance of taking a broad look at the data, for had only one of the two variables, type size or type form, been examined alone, any conclusions drawn on their basis would have been misguided. The findings concerning printing house styles were also of interest, particularly as they suggest that printers succeeding to the same titles appear to have picked up the general style of the previous editions with only minor modifications based on house style, such as the use of blackletter by Streater and Sawbridge. More than anything else, this pilot study served as an exploratory look into the feasibility of applying TEI XML annotation, at a relatively high level of detail, to the study of paratextual features of early modern books.

The process taught us plenty, and we hope that the admittedly superficial discussion here, supplemented with our annotation guidelines and the corpus itself, can convey some of the lessons we learned. It goes without saying that the same principles would apply to the editing of manuscripts as well, as long as the necessary adjustments were observed.

It is clear that digitally annotated editions open up an entirely new world of analytical possibilities when it comes to bibliographic and paratextual features. Most importantly, descriptive annotation of the kind practiced here does not impose preconceived theoretical notion on the end-user, but rather simply turns the elements on the page into searchable and quantifiable format see Meurman-Solin, this volume. While this inevitably implies a certain basic agreement on what the basic structural elements are — for example, a shared understanding of what a title is — and how the elements are measured, among other things, the model foregoes the problems associated with annotation schemes that explicitly associate features of the text with specific functions.

An important aspect of any project of digital transcription concerns the pragmatics of actually following the design of the annotation scheme, however well thought out it may be. In particular, this involves careful consideration of the labor required and the clarity of the guidelines followed.

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When it comes to labor, projects must consider the learning curve of not just getting to grips with the basics of the annotation model, such as XML, but also the particulars of the specific scheme used. As the number of elements and attributes increases, so does the complexity of using them in a systematic and consistent manner — particularly if the project has multiple transcribers, which is usually the case.

Depending on the type of text and topic, the transcription work may require expertise in various issues ranging from identifying textual elements to recognizing quotes, names and semantic roles, just to name a few. Learning these may take time, depending on the previous experience of the transcribers, and will in every case require a well-written, comprehensive and clear set of guidelines. New computer-aided systems of digital transcriptions are currently being developed that would combine optical character recognition with automatic identification of major structural elements, and with luck these will be available to researchers before too long.

The potential benefits to diachronic studies of printing-house practices and features of early printed books of careful XML annotation of paratextual features are considerable. This small-scale study of some one hundred title-pages already demonstrated that the various features of the styles of individual printing-houses can be identified and that searchable data on typographic features allows us to evaluate the visual impact of specific textual content on the basis of measurements and type changes.

20 August 1890 - 15 March 1937

This latter line of inquiry could naturally be improved considerably by working together with experts in psycholinguistics and cognitive sciences. The tracking of commercial and social communities of practice is also made possible by the careful annotation of types and illustrations, with the potential of uncovering previously unknown dynamics.

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The Doom That Came To Sarnath

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"Ex Oblivione" by H.P. Lovecraft - Classic Horror Readings by Otis Jiry

Chymistry made easie and useful. The sixth book of Practical physick. Vesling, Johann. The anatomy of the body of man. Culpepers physical and chymicall way of curing the most difficult and incurable diseases. Wecker, Johann Jacob. Arts master-piece. Shelfmark Cambridge University Library E.

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