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When Venezuela opened its border with Colombia for just two days in July, , people poured across, simply to buy food, officials said.

An untold number stayed. But perhaps most startling are the Venezuelans now fleeing by sea, an image so symbolic of the perilous journeys to escape Cuba or Haiti — but not oil-rich Venezuela. About 60 percent more Venezuelans fled the country this year than during the year before, he added. Inflation will hit nearly percent this year and a mind-boggling 1, percent next year, the International Monetary Fund estimates, shriveling salaries and creating a new class of poor Venezuelans who have abandoned professional careers for precarious lives abroad.

The exodus is unfolding so quickly that since about 30, Venezuelans have moved to the border region that includes the Brazilian state of Roraima, officials say. Now the Brazilian Army is bolstering patrols along highways and rivers, bracing for even more arrivals. In Pacaraima, a small Brazilian border town, hundreds of Venezuelan children are now enrolled in local schools and entire families are sleeping on the streets of town.

The small Caribbean islands neighboring Venezuela are far less hospitable, saying they simply cannot absorb the onslaught. Both countries have increased patrols and deportations, and Aruba has even set aside a stadium to hold as many as Venezuelan migrants after they are caught, according to the authorities. Bello said of her encounters on the island. Empty homes now dot the streets of the fishing town of La Vela, Ms. They have mortgaged property, sold kitchen appliances and even borrowed money from the same smuggling rings that pack them on the floorboards alongside drugs and other contraband.

Then, after being tossed overboard and left to swim ashore, they hide in the bush to meet contacts who spirit them anew into the tourist economy of this Caribbean island. Countless families in Venezuela are like the Bellos now. Unable to scrounge together more than a meal a day, they are scattered across seas and borders.

An uncle of Ms. Then there is Wilfredo Hidalgo, Ms. There is also Ms. Hopefully, she said, her mother would never find out. And finally there is Ms. But the smuggler ripped it off Ms. Bello just before she was thrown into the sea, saying that the swells were so high she was better off swimming under the waves. Now, despite Ms. But I have to do this. Otherwise, we will just die here hungry.

One evening at the end of September, Ms. The other passengers, tears in their eyes, began to pray too, some joining hands in a circle on the beach. They muttered hopes that the coast guard would not catch them, that they were good people, that they were mothers and fathers.

They waded chest-deep into the water, hoisting their few possessions overhead, and climbed into the boat. Its motor started and it steered toward the horizon. Even the smuggler seemed distraught at the misfortune bringing him profits. So he spent his last weeks in Venezuela doing laps in the sea in front of his home in La Vela, his mother recalls.

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His friend William Cordero, 29, went too. He had already bought a sign. The two friends, along with three other migrants and a captain, vanished somewhere off the coast of Venezuela last year. No wreckage was found. The only evidence that their journey even occurred is a few selfies sent from their smartphones just before they departed. The men posed on the side of the skiff with big smiles. The plan had been a simple one: A seven-hour journey in a speedboat.

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And with their documents in plastic bags, they were ready to swim ashore, knowing that the smuggler wanted to make a quick getaway. On March 22, AFP reported from India that there was concern over the fate of the Dalai Lama, then age 23, who seemed to have disappeared. It later emerged that he had been able to slip past Chinese troops massed around his palace on March 17, another story said. He left the palace dressed as a soldier and met up with a group of Tibetan resistance fighters 60 kilometers 37 miles outside of Lhasa, AFP reported, again citing The Statesman.

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They traveled for two days and two nights without stopping, on foot and on horseback, AFP later cited a Tibetan official as saying. To cross the major Brahmaputra River, they used a single boat made of yak skin, the official said. The group then continued on foot, walking only at night through the harsh Himalayan terrain. They had a head start on Chinese troops, who had not realized the Dalai Lama had disappeared until two days later, only then sending out a ground and air dragnet and combing monasteries where he could be hiding.

In mid-April, an official statement provided details of his escape. India granted the Tibet leader asylum on April 3 and permission to establish a government-in-exile in the northern hill station of Dharamsala, which already was a sanctuary for thousands of Tibetan exiles fleeing Chinese repression. Two stormtroopers close in on Yeager from behind while four stormtroopers surround Torra, Kaz, and CB TIE fighters fly ahead.

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Commander Pyre tells Kaz and Yeager that it is over and they have lost. He orders them to drop their weapons.

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  7. However, Kaz defiantly tells Pyre and his men to drop their weapons. Pyre tells Kaz to look around because there is no escape. Kaz contacts Neeku by comlink and tells him he knows what to do. In the hyperdrive room, Neeku fires up the hyperdrive and the station's thrusters come to life. As Doza Tower begins shaking, Agent Tierny asks what is happening. The First Order retreat aboard their shuttle as the Colossus begins to rise from the sea. Aboard the shuttle, Tierny realizes that the Colossus resistance has activated the main drive and that the ship is going into orbit.

    Tam is shocked to learn that the Colossus is a ship. As the Colossus rises, the two stormtroopers behind Yeager fall into the sea. Tierny fires her blaster. Meanwhile, CB releases oil, causing the stormtroopers to slip off the top platform. Torra also slips, but CB uses her grappling hook to pull her to safety. The four stormtroopers fall on the landing pad as Tierny and Pyre exchange fire with Kaz.

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    Yeager then shoots another stormtrooper. The shuttle returns and Commander Pyre tells Tierny and Tam to get to the shuttle. Tierny tells Tam to come along and extends a hand while standing on the docking ramp.

    “The Escape,” by John L’Heureux | The New Yorker

    Yeager pleads with Tam to stay with them. Tierny calls to Tam again. She hesitates, but chooses to follow Tierny and the First Order.