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About 6 percent of PWC's accountants work part-time, with prorated salary and benefits.

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Employees on parental leave are assigned a buddy who stays in touch and helps them transition back to work. Those who don't return become part of the "mom squad" -- ex-employees willing to work here and there during the busy season. While everyone loves the free continental breakfast and subsidized lunches, the firm's young singles are the ones most often eating the dinners prepared by guest chefs in the company's high-end laboratory kitchen during the busy season, he says. Dara Bazanno, a senior audit manager for KPMG in San Francisco, says she couldn't juggle four children, two large Securities and Exchange Commission clients and a two-hour commute without company and client support.

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KPMG set up a home office for her, and now she has breakfast with her kids before work. Accounting firms also offer concierge services and employee assistance programs EAPs.

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When a family member needed a counselor, the EAP located one for Bazanno. Don't expect to be allowed to telecommute your first day on the job. While the concierge services and EAPs are typically available to even the most junior accountants, other perks must typically be earned, Vigilante says.

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Are you looking for honestly and loyalty in your accountant? Well look NO further.

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Whether it is just getting the best result for your individual, business or investment returns or putting your investments in the most appropriate structure to maximise your wealth and asset protection. We will provide the honesty and loyalty that you require.

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You can also depend on us to get back to you with the information that you require. We have the positive mental outlook, the ability and experience to complete the job and also willing to go that extra mile to help you out.

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We also have the faith in ourselves and in you to grow your wealth whether it is personal or with wealth creation. We also have our mastermind team in place to help with all your requirements which include property sourcing, property management, mortgage brokers, quantity surveyors, solicitor and insurance brokers. Your professional license is a serious matter that allows you to earn a living. An extraordinary amount of time and money has gone into acquiring your license and establishing a solid reputation in accounting. Unfortunately one accusation or mistake from a disgruntled client can land you in hot water.

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If you or a loved one is being accused of a crime or some other professional misconduct, call Rosenblum Law today for a free consultation on your matter. Our attorneys are prepared to provide you a strong defense and help you keep your license.

In addition to employees Read More. A Michigan woman has been allowed to advance a lawsuit after a U. Staying out of trouble, satisfying the required sentencing and fines, filling out the paperwork, etc.