A Mid-Winters Passion

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The Life of Chauncey Stillman

This magazine promoted land-ownership spread throughout the broader population, believing that independence could only be found in a society with decentralized business and political power. Third, he purchased a handful of farms in Dutchess County, New York, whose land had become exhausted and soil depleted.

He combined the land and gave the new farm and estate the name Wethersfield, in honor of the town in Connecticut where his family first settled. The farm was radical for its time, employing biodynamic farming, contour plowing, and reforestation to link the land back to its natural rhythms.

With patience and passion, bird-spotters flock to mid-winter eagle count

I can only imagine what would lead my grandfather, a city-dweller from a prominent banking family both points of nature and nurture that would seem to be contradictory to agrarian sympathies , to make such definitive moves to tie himself so deeply and directly to the various agrarian movements that were flourishing in the wake of the Great Depression. As his generation was seeking a return to the land and rural values in the face of enormous anti-individual forces think communism, fascism, and the rise of corporatism , our generation is also seeking a return to the land in the face of our own isolation from the food we eat and products we otherwise consume.

Though I generally had a middle-road, suburban upbringing, I feel the call that my grandfather answered seventy-five years ago to reconnect with the rhythms of agrarian life. Despite being a suburbanite, I see the value in what my grandfather sought to teach about stewardship for the land and care for our fellow laborers in the vineyard.

Day 1 dropped seed into cup of well water.

When shes 2 inches long shell get planted. This is added to my compost which has eggshells in it, and some nasal snuff to keep any critters away.

Follow your passion in Nutrition

This makes the center of the pot in which she gets planted. Sprinkling dry nasal snuff to keep any creepy crawlers away. Rather large led bulb. She's in there. Last day of week 1.

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Pretty good, there's a tad over 2 inches of root t. Commented by Skiffdank 2 years ago. Thebotanist Fitstoner. Auto ultimate ldnse15 Auto Ultimate.

My first coco grow!!! The fluffy white stuff just makes it all that much more magical, trust me! The crowds vanish, icicles dangle from tree branches, snowflakes coat the Valley, and the entire park is so calm and bright. A winter wonderland for sure! We found Yosemite in March when we visited and when all these photos were taken to be absolutely wonderful. There was still snow falling, the winter and holiday crowds had dissipated, and rates were not as high as during the peak of summer.

Planning more weekend getaways from the Bay Area?! Check out other weekend trips from San Francisco here.

We were invited to stay at Rush Creek Lodge a few weeks ago mid-March , and we hopped on the opportunity to visit Yosemite National Park in the winter! And with winter and snow comes less visitors, meaning we were lucky enough to have numerous spots in the park all to ourselves! And the lodge? Blew all our expectations out of the water, but more on that below.

Some roads in the park will close due to snow around late October and stay closed through May or June depending on the year and how much snowfall Yosemite receives; roads open and close on different dates every year. Do your research ahead of time and all of your snowy expectations will be met and then some! Just be sure to bundle up! Be sure to check out the latest road closures and conditions here before and during your trip to Yosemite when visiting in the winter.


Yosemite in Winter: What to Do and Where to Stay

You may in fact get lucky and get to witness a bright and sunny day, which is quite common!!! One car was even stuck in the snow and people were pushing it out. Others had to put chains on outside in the freezing cold not fun. Winter conditions bringing extra complications are common from November through March, but can can really occur any time.

Be prepared! The shuttle runs from 7am — 10pm. Note that detours may be made due to road closures and extra time should be planned to get from spot to spot. You can either purchase these before your trip at your favorite auto shop, or right before entering the park after you pay the National Park fee.