101 Ways Men Pee: An Illustrated Guide

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According to Davis, the labia majora's job is to protect the more sensitive parts inside. The labia minora provide the second layer of protection for the underlying structures and openings, and they also have oil glands that secrete lubrication to keep you comfortable. Davis also says they're the part of the anatomy most likely to cause women stress due to how they look. Just know that the lips might not be symmetrical, they might extend beyond the labia majora, and the edges might not be totally smooth — and all of this is totally normal.

Everybody is different," Davis explains.

According to Davis, the tiny bit of the clitoris that is outwardly visible, which is the little nub you see at the top of your external area when you spread the labia, contains 8, nerve endings. That means it's really sensitive, and for many women, stimulating it is the best way to orgasm. The hood, a flap of skin that slides back and forth, functions to protect the clitoris and prevent irritation and arousal when you don't want it.

When you are aroused, however, the hood slips back to expose the clitoris. The outer clitoris that you can see and feel is actually connected to an inner clitoris!!

This small opening, which is where urine comes out, is right below the clitoris. It's hard to see, and you can't really feel anything there. And, no, pee doesn't come out of the vaginal opening! Davis says that many young women think the clitoris is actually the urethra, but don't be fooled. Right below the urethra lies the introitus, also called the vestibule or the opening to the vagina.

Think of it as a foyer. Basically, the vestibule is the lobby leading to the vagina, which is inside your body. We should also say here that there are many color variations in the whole external vulva area, depending on your skin tone and whether or not you're sexually excited.

This concept is mind-blowing and a relatively recent anatomical discovery. You have a wishbone-shaped structure extending from your clitoris on the outside of your body—the top of the wishbone—to the area under your labia majora deep inside. So there's literally much more to female sexual excitement than meets the eye. So do you see now why calling the whole thing a "vagina" is not exactly accurate? The vagina, also called the birth canal, leads to your uterus. It's a muscle that, when at rest, is closed," Davis says. So it's not like you're walking around with an open hole in your body.

It's normal for the vagina to feel bumpy to the touch. Its hard to ignore because I feel like moving back and forth on the chair to heighten the feeling.

Where would you like to stay?

Is this normal? I found this to be pretty hot. So no objections.

However, during these last few nights of sleep play of his I felt him doing something that felt like he was sucking up my clit. Then it just felt hugely engorged. Then I felt some thing amazinging I could barely even breath thru and then I realized I was inside him. Is that possible.

  • People are sharing this bizarre section of a book describing how men and women pee | indy.
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This had happened the night before as well but i woke up during the middle thrusting and getting off hard I assume into him then as well. Is this possible. But yet it feels like that every time and some kind of see through liquid squirt out of my penis everytime. I just came across this blog while on holiday. I am using my phone to type but have a very special story to tell you. I saved the url and will share my version of PO when back at home. I warn you though I have developed my very own totally kinked out method which works wonders for me.

As for 2 to 3 hours….. I am so looking forward to sharing this. In the meantime I must say I have read all there is to read on anal play and your blog is the only one that comes anywhere near the real deal. I have been doing prostate massage for over a year and I have never had an orgasm from it alone but I have had some powerful stimulation were it feels like your whole body is having an orgasm. I have been using a sonic prostate messaged but I like a good dildo to. Can you give me some advice on how I might achieve the big O. Thank u. Hello, I started to play with my prostate when I found the wedsite Aneros, that was in What your comment on this, Don.

Is it possible to never lose it but have clean prostate orgasm? It is. Just accept the learning experience. Wow, wonderful source of information! I only recently learned how amazing a prostate massage and orgasm could be after sticking to a regular Kegel regimen.


People are sharing this bizarre section of a book describing how men and women pee | indy

Kegels really were the magic ingredient for me was doing kegels with a small buttplug. What was very strange for me and quite concerning at first was that I found myself imagining myself as a female playing with her pussy. During one session I was horrified to realize I was fantasizing about someone I work with but this person was a man.

I never thought about homosexuality before. Never occurred to me. It starts from deep within and when I start doing kegels even without a buttplug and it begins to engorge and throb, sending out radiating waves or warmth and erotic pressure.

10 Steps to Self-Catheterization

This feels so good to get off my chest. Sometimes a fantasy is best left a fantasy but maybe I could be homosexual? Sex has never been especially fulfilling to me until I found my prostate gland and massaged it. I notice and my wife does too a definite thickening. Quite welcome and unexpected. I encourage every man to experiment with this. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Ways Men Pee

Start Here! Who would have known that you have a fucking clitoris in your ass? When you'll reach your first prostate orgasm PO , you'll feel like you are living a dream You will be able to orgasm like your wife again Many guys try it for years and don't succeed. The Prostate is a fickle partner. To succeed with prostate milking it's more like trying to put the piece puzzle together than simply trying to finding one silver-bullet technique.

In case you're wondering I found it impossible to give myself PO with my fingers. I know pros can do it. Pros can reach PO with just an external perineum massage and right breathing. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? It was intense beyond intense. Do try it. Please don't skip around though. The order is very important and I spent over a hundred hours constructing it.

There is a method to this madness. This seems to be the 1 stumbling block why most men don't even try prostate play. It stopped me. Years of society conditioning stood in the way. I regret not starting a prostate play years ago. I get it. It's so vulnerable.

Infographic: How to pee in the toilet with morning wood

It takes time to rewire the brain. Being penetrated is a totally different mindset. But never experiencing Super-O is like Sexual orientation happens in the mind. You're either attracted to men or you're attracted to women or both. If you have mental blocks about this though, you need to solve them first. His body was screaming against him playing with his ass. He needed to fix his mind game first.